My focus as a board member:

  • Commit to engage and inform students, families, educators, district staff, and the broader Lawrence community on School Board actions and progress

  • Recruit a highly qualified superintendent with strong community engagement skills

  • Support teachers’ bargaining and due process rights

  • Provide support and resources for teacher-driven curriculum innovation and implementation

  • Investigate expanding second language instruction into the elementary schools

  • Utilize the Finance Advisory Council, now part of the District Site Council, to establish the District’s response to KS legislator’s school finance plan

  • Ensure that the 87.5 million dollar bond implementation is successful

  • Persist in District efforts to increase the graduation rate while closing access & achievement gaps

    • Contribute to the ongoing process of creating school communities that are welcoming and inclusive for all students and staff

    • Continue to support incorporating culturally relevant teaching and programming

    • End racial and mental health related disparities in out of school suspension(OSS) and in school suspension (ISS) policies & procedures

    • Recruit and retain diverse, highly qualified teachers and support staff

    • Increase representation and participation of nonwhite students and students from low income in enrichment programming and extracurricular activities.