COMMUNITY MEMBERS:  Laurie Ramirez, Christy Kelly, Lisa Wolf-Wendel, Lora Swartzendruber, Stephanie Stuhlsatz, Rick Ingram, Jennie Marsh, Jess McDiffett Hull, Kristin Trendel, Lora Jost, Bill Kummerow, Juliana Carlson, Christy Dobson, Aline Hoey, Lori Johns, Sally Kelsey, Darlene Koger, Lydia Diebolt, Margo Holland, Lois Orth-Lopers, Chris Lempa, Leslie Newman, Alee Phillips, Jennifer Ananda, Amy Schmidt-Cowardin, Nancy Hamilton, Dan Parker-Tmms, Denise Parker-Timms, Jessica Beeson, Christy Schneider, Roura Young, Chuck Epp, Stephanie Olson, Vanessa Sanburn, Sarah Herionimus, Edith Paredes, Jerry Jost, Rosemary Chapin, Dani Lotton-Barker, Alice Lieberman, Marcel Harmon, Bev Hyde, Jeanie Houts & Jackie Stafford.


Lawrence Education Association

Lawrence Education Association promotes quality public schools, strengthening the teaching profession, the well-being of members and an effectively operated local association.  On 10/11/17, the executive board of Lawrence Education Association announced that LEA endorses Kelly Jones, Melissa Johnson, and GR Gordon-Ross for the three positions on the Lawrence Public Schools board of education in the November 7 election.



MainPAC is the political action committee for MainStream Coalition. MainPAC has a long and proud history of backing candidates on both sides of the aisle who support strong public education free of special interests, fiscally responsible policies that balance revenue strategies, and good government free from partisan machinations and religious doctrine. In the District 497 race, MainPAC endorsed Kelly Jones, Melissa Johnson, and GR Gordon-Ross.

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Kansas Families for Education

Kansas Families for Education (KFE), established in 2002 is a non-partisan, grassroots, volunteer organization of Kansas parents and taxpayers committed to our state's constitutional mandate that the legislature shall make suitable provision for finance of the education interests of the state. In the District 497 race, Kelly Jones is the only KFE endorsed candidate.